(Free Press Release) International Real Estate Listings.Com Receives Unprecedented Public Support in Cayman Islands Real Estate Industry - Real Estate Developers, Brokers and Property Owners of Cayman Islands are Swarming the Website to Utilize Free Property Listing Facility.

George Town, Cayman Islands - October 24, 2010 -- The new setup of the international real estate for sale website, http://www.internationalrealestatelistings.com has created a high magnitude of interest among those dealing with real estate in Cayman Islands. Proprietors who wish to sell their holdings at substantial profits have been visiting the website in huge numbers, apart from real estate developers and brokers of the island.

Cayman Islands are the largest of the 3 islands. The island captivates a big number of emigrants. Being the fifth biggest offshore financial and economic center in the whole world, the island enjoys the highest living standard in the entire Caribbean region, along with flourishing tourist business. It is said that the total number of businesses registered in these islands exceeds the population of the island, which is around 60,000. Cayman Islands real estate(http://www.internationalrealestatelistings.com/Country/Cayman_Islands)is believed to be one of the best real estate industries. It offers a vast range of property marketing opportunities.

Despite the great opportunities in the field of Cayman Islands real estate for sale(http://www.internationalrealestatelistings.com/International_Real_Estate/Cayman_Islands/All), the Cayman Islands real estate had not been probably used in the correct way by the local and international real estate investors. This was the entry point for Mr. Taylor White PHD, who created the website International Real Estate Listings.com. He had designed the international website to help people to sell or list their properties in the markets of every part of the world. The natural extension was an exclusive website for Cayman Islands real estate. He stressed the main points of his special website that has the potential to give large advantages to the Cayman Islands real estate market.

1. With International Real Estate Listings.com it is very easy to list property in just 30 seconds. No queries about your private information are asked.

2. Following creating an account, you can transfer infinite amount of Cayman Islands real estate listings in the same account. It does not matter whether you have Cayman Islands real estate for sale, Cayman Islands real estate for exchange, or Cayman Islands rentals(http://www.internationalrealestatelistings.com/International_Rentals/Cayman_Islands/All). Each account can have complete instructions of the holdings carried in the listings.

3. When you had listed your property in the website, then it is maintained for 6 months as Basic Listings for free. After the list had been presented, you can email all the info to those ready to acquire Cayman Islands real estate listings by means of Free Property Alert tool.

4. In addition, you can select to arrange the property on the Free Weekly Hot Sheet mailed to customers all over the world, waiting for high level and new real estate listings in various countries that provide fresh opportunities.

5. Cayman Islands property listing is set on the International Real Estate Listings Facebook and Twitter pages without any cost.

6. Then a brochure is made and posted on Craig‘s List in Cayman Islands and it is also without any charges.

7. Based on where your property is located, it is automatically placed in social bookmarking sites such as Oodles, Back Page, Zillow, Yahoo Real Estate, and Vast and another 25 more sites without any extra charges.

8. If you still desire an even greater representation of your Cayman Islands real estate, you can upgrade the listings to the sections of Exclusive Properties, Premium Properties, and Featured Properties. This enhances the opportunity of your property being exchanged, sold, or rented in a very little time interval.

9. Due to the presence of many real estate brokers on the mailing list of the site, the customer can have the Cayman Islands real estate posted on a global mailer. This will ensure that all the real estate brokers will be alerted by email about the property, enhancing the chances of successful disposal of the real estate in Cayman Islands as early as possible.

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