Mantra’s spontaneous comedy on BIG Chunavi Magic!

~Catch all the fun and humour on BIG Chunaavi Magic on April 27 at 8:00pm on 92.7 BIG FM and BIG MAGIC~

Ex-radio jockey and comedian Mantra has some presence of mind! With his spontaneous wit and impeccable presence of mind he had everyone at the set of BIG Chunavi Magic awestruck at his performance!

Presenting a refreshing humorous take on the tense election scenario in the country, 92.7 BIG FM and BIG Magic present BIG Chunavi Magic starting the 27th of April. Mantra along with Mahi and Sagar from BIG Magic were rehearsing for a hilarious act based on corruption and politics in the country. At the final take on the floor, Mantra decided to improvise and add his flavor to the act. What transpired was a marvelous comedy act! Everyone at the set was up in resounding applause for Mantra’s quick wit, spontaneity and camaraderie with Mahi and Sagar and the director sealed the impromptu improvisation as the final act which will go on air on 27th April at 8pm!

~Tune in to BIG Chunaavi Magic this Sunday, April 27, 2014 at 8:00pm on 92.7 BIG FM and BIG Magic!~

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