Carolina Consulting Ltd will provide the sales team needed to generate 10, 000 new Small business customers in 2010.

Carolina Consulting Ltd announced the bidding for a marketing contract of an online office supply company. Carolina Consulting Ltd will be the sole marketing company used to increase market share and acquire 10, 000 new small to medium size business customers. “Due to the vast experience the team at Carolina Consulting Ltd has in the office supply industry in USA as well as the B2B sector Carolina Consulting Ltd has a strong chance of becoming our marketing partner.”, states head of marketing.
Office supplies are the 5th biggest cost to small business owners. Carolina Consulting Ltd can provide a professional face to face sales team to consult small business owners on an effective way to cut costs while still getting the service and supplies they need. For small companies that don‘t have dedicated facilities or procurement managers this role is often left to a receptionist to organise. With other responsibilities and little time to deal with suppliers directly many don‘t have time to understand the current office supplies deals in their entirety.
Sara Cote, Managing Director at Carolina Consulting Ltd comments “Being that office supplies are a £billion industry Carolina Consulting Ltd will be able to provide an opportunity for over 200 more sales reps and 10 more managers by Year 2012. We are also excited about the international expansion that office supplies offers
Carolina Consulting Ltd is excited to announce they are in the final phases to win the bid for a contract with an online office supply company. This contract will be worth an estimated £2million. Landing this client will mean Carolina Consulting will be able to double in size again in 2011.
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Carolina Consulting Ltd is a privately owned UK based Marketing company specializing in providing a professionally driven face to face sales team who will represent our clients brands in the small to medium business sector. Carolina Consulting Ltd help increase market share worldwide.