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Clermont, FL - Recognizing the need for dramatically improved elder care in Haiti, Yonie Richard of Clermont, Fla., has created a nonprofit organization — as well as a detailed plan — for helping this underserved group.

Richard is the president of Caring By Angels for Haiti, Inc., a nonprofit corporation that will provide aid to Haitian senior citizens who are poor, mentally ill, homeless, substance abusers or otherwise distressed. Caring By Angels, based in Clermont, is currently focusing on primary needs, such as food, clothing, financial support, housing and healthcare.

The immediate goal is construction of a 200-bed nursing home. Future programs include welfare assistance and job training.

“While there are government- and privately-funded programs for the elderly in Haiti, they don’t have the resources to provide the amount and depth of services that are necessary,” said Richard. “These people really need our help.

“Most of the elderly live in extreme poverty and many of them have lost their homes and loved ones. They find themselves vulnerable and emotionally burdened. Many need medical attention, which they simply cannot afford.”

Caring By Angels for Haiti, Inc., has purchased 10 acres of land in the Centre Department of Haiti which that be used for the nursing facility, which is scheduled to open June 30, 2015. Contractors and volunteers will be used for the construction work, and plans include a cafeteria, common room for activities and a chapel.

The budget for the nursing home is estimated to be $200,000. To generate this funding, Richard has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. The California-based rock band Trapt is supporting this campaign by providing meet-and-greet passes to an upcoming show for just $5 and signed copies of their new CD for $20.

Other perks include phone chargers, T-shirts and Trapt movie downloads.

“We are truly grateful for the help Trapt is providing to this cause,” Richard said. “We’re also seeking donations and grants. The development committee plans to maintain a great degree of self-sustainability through the solicitation of corporate sponsorships, fundraising events and donations. We plan to continue funding our organization in this manner as long as it is necessary.”

For additional information, visit ; the Caring By Angels for Haiti, Inc. website, ; and the Caring By Angels Facebook page,

Richard can be reached directly at [email protected]

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