CargoTrans offers a fabulous promotion to all customers across the world. The freight exchange promo of the company offers transport companies to save money from renting software to freight forwarders for transporting goods. The Buy 3 month, and get 9 month for free promo of the company is until April 14, 2014. Transporting of goods will turn to be very convenient both to transport companies and their customers. The freight exchange services of Cargonet allows transport companies to save money from offering available trucks to freight forwarders, and at the same time it allows them to look for loads to be transported. The freight Exchange promotion service will allow all freight companies across the world to exchange information.

Truckers, Truck owners, BIG freight Forwarders, BIG Truckers, Corporations, CargoNet Freight and Vehicle Exchange, and TrasNet Transport Exchange are offering generous promotions from March 25, 2014 till April 4, 2014. Carriers can have the opportunity to use the services of the company without spending a large amount of cost. All carriers has the advantage to get almost 70% off on all Premium membership and therefore to offer trucks and transport services to different freight corporations and companies.

Along with the company’s solid reputation, esteemed customers support, and different connections all carriers and franchise owners can get multiple cargo options. The Freight Exchange promo offerings of the company can provide enormous benefits to both carriers and truck owners and corporations. Everyone can have the advantage towards the competition in the industry. can help carriers to find empty truck to transport the loads of their customers by land. It is also possible for carriers to publish loads, but the main services of Freight Exchange to provide carriers the cargo they need. Through the promo offerings of the company, all carrier companies can have the truck they need in almost no cost at all. 

CargoTrans has a solid industry reputation across the globe, choosing the company as a partner in delivering freight services can be the best thing that carriers can do. Through the Freight Exchange service, any freight franchise owner can find the right loads and the vehicle they need quickly. In addition, the promo offerings of the company and different truck owners and the corporation will give them enormous advantage.

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