12, June 2013: Carb Nite Solution, an effective program created by Physicist John Kiefer, reveals a healthy way to lose weight backed by scientific data and information. The said program is touted by many as a quickly but surely way to shed pounds. However, Kiefer says that in order to achieve it, users must live by the program. 

Carb Nite starts with introduction about the diet industry’s current state. It then breaks down the most well-known diets available today such as Zone, South Beach and Atkins. It reveals users what their principles in diet are, how they work over a long period of time and their cons. To ensure that users will figure out what is wrong on those diets and why their turn out ineffective and hard to maintain in the long run, Kiefer supports his claims with graphs and hard facts. 

Right after the introduction, the Carb Nite Solution Diet program presents the Carb Nite Solution Plan, which requires customers to consume low-carb meals while having a car-loading day every week. Kiefer claims that this is not a constant diet and he recommends users to do it on a cycle of 6 months and not to go beyond it. In the event that users cheat on the diet plan, they need to have a 10-day no carb reset as penalty. 

The rest of the Carb Nite Solution program includes a bunch of recipes and meal plans that users need to follow in order for them to see the Carb Nite Solution Results in just a short period of time. To ensure that their diet plan will be hassle-free, Kiefer provides clear and detailed instructions on how to prepare each meal. 

Kiefer also dedicates a chapter for citations of his sources for the scientific information he used in Carb Nite. According to most customers who reviewed the program, this gesture shows the writer’s intention of being transparent and honest with them. They also added that it enabled them to confirm the data and studies themselves. 

As of now, there are a growing number of people who are getting interested in Kiefer’s Carb Nite Solution program. To have an informed buying decision, they are advised to read The Carb Nite Solution Review first. 

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