Ever since the first car was invented we have had an attachment and fascination with vehicles the car badge or marque has become a status symbol of itself. Currently with everything being so spread out and with all the different obligations a person has, a vehicle is essential. Besides the need for a car for everyday purposes we are also like vehicles for their style and power they have under the hood. No matter which type of car you have you should protect your investment with a car cover. A car cover protects your car from the elements and also deters thieves.

Sports cars are very appealing and there are several different companies that have built a reputation for building fast and stylish sports cars. Most of them are household names and most everyone has seen one of their vehicles at one time or another. Usually, you can tell what type of car it is just by looking at the logo on the vehicle. Below you find a brief description of some of the popular sports car logo seen on vehicles today.

The Ferrari logo features a prancing horse or a cavallino rampante. This logo first appeared in the 1920s on race cars built by Enzo Ferrari for Alfa Romeo. The GT models have a rectangular badge and the cars used for the race team have a shield shaped logo with the letters SF at the bottom. The yellow background is to symbolize Enzo Ferraris hometown of Modena. The prancing horse comes from a WWI flying ace. He painted a black horse on the side of his planes for good luck; so Enzo decided to use the same symbol for his cars.

The Bentley badge is the capital letter B with wings. It can be seen on a vehicle as a hood ornament or as a flat emblem. This logo appeared on the first test care in 1919 a Bentley 3 liter. The B on the badge is for Bentley and the wings symbolize the speed of their cars.

The Bugatti has two different logos. One is the letters EB, with the E backwards and the other is a red oval with the name Bugatti spelled out. Both of the logos are in reference to the founder Ettore Bugatti. In 1910 the first Bugatti had the red oval and the second logo can be seen on later models when the company was reincarnated.

The Jaguar has two different hood ornaments. One is just a cats face and the other is a full bodied jaguar leaping from the hood of the  bmw logo   . The leaping jaguar was used on the vehicles made before WWII and the face was in use by the 1950s.

It doesnt matter if you own a fancy sports car or a compact car, both need to be protected from the harsh elements, such as the sun. A car cover will keep you car cooler in the summer and will protect the cars paint job from tree sap and bird droppings. A custom car cover is a good investment to keep your vehicle in prime condition.

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