Auchterarder, Scotland; 13, October 2016: Car leasing is a vital part of the business model for many companies in Scotland and across the rest of the UK. Business owners can guarantee their employees have vehicles for deliveries, commuting and meeting clients. However, for businesses on a budget, car leasing can be expensive. Car Leasing Scotland is offering a contract hire option that could provide the solution to this problem.

What Is Contract Hire?

Contract hire is a way for business owners to minimise the amount of capital they need to lease vehicles. The long-term rental agreement can be anything between 12 and 60 months. Due to this, companies can offset costs and still gain the vehicles the business needs. Contract hire can also include a wide range of extras such as a breakdown package and maintenance. Fixed interest rates ensure expenses are kept under control with this car financing option. It could be the best solution for small and large businesses alike.

Contract hire is often very popular with VAT registered companies. They are able to claim back up to 100 percent of the VAT back on the finance for some cars and vehicles.

Why Car Leasing Scotland

Part of the Camargue Group, Car Leasing Scotland is willing and able to provide a wide range of vehicle financing options. Business clients can arrange a contract hire with the company. Customers can then select how many cars they need and what type of vehicles they would like. The business offers a wide range of vehicles from small hatchbacks to large pickups. This means the business is able to provide to both small office based companies and larger businesses working in the industrial sector.

All Models And Makes

Car Leasing Scotland provides financing options from all major manufacturers including Mercedes, Audi and BMW. Customers can choose the car type that adds to their image and fits the brand of their company. By providing both basic vehicle and luxury models, Car Leasing Scotland is able to provide to a wide range of different business owners.

Complete Support

Business owners interested in contract hire but unsure how to get started can call the company’s help team. Their qualified advisors are always available and willing to help with any queries that potential clients may have. These experts will take clients through all the options including contract hire and find the best solution for them.

About Car Leasing Scotland

Car Leasing Scotland provides vehicle financing to private customers, and business owners. Part of the Camargue Group, the company, has offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Through their website, customers can choose from a wide range of different car financing choices. The business aims to provide financing solutions for clients with budget limitations. Those interested can call their team on 0131 522 2912 for full support and an expert service.

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