Capital Direct Funding Hard Money was recently recognized as the most trusted private commercial lender in the world by industry peers and clients. The company has achieved this respect after many years of lending and especially after the role they assumed during the recent Great Recession and slow recovery period that followed. The principals at Capital Direct Funding Hard Money made a conscious decision to continue to expand their lending practice straight through the recession when many solid companies fell victim to the overall tight credit markets and were unable to get the loans they needed to survive and thrive in a difficult economy. Because Capital Direct Funding Hard Money stayed the course and became a valuable partner for many firms, the company’s reputation grew within the building community.

Capital Direct Funding Hard Money is known far and wide as the leader in facilitating loans for commercial construction projects, real estate development, refinancing services, bankruptcy lending and foreclosures. What makes the company stand above its competitors is their commitment to dealing with their clients in an open, honest and trust worthy manner. There is no hidden agenda with this company. They respond to requests within 24 hours and begin the loan process with a frank discussion of the terms and procedures of their lending practices so that the client will understand all aspects of the process from the very beginning. The company uses its long history of building relationships in the brokerage community to bring clients the best loan options from the most respected players in the industry.

What strikes many clients as surprising is the speed with which the loans are processed and this is perhaps what the company is best known for. The loan application process begins online at the company’s website and can be completed via the simple preliminary loan application form that takes only 60 seconds to fill out and submit. With just basic personal information, Income information and a thorough description of the project a builder can be on their way to the financing they need to bring their project to completion. Capital Direct Funding Hard Money is known as an honest direct commercial Lender in the industry and prides itself on the most secure lending practices to make sure client’s information is safe and secure. The company has the ability to offer loans ranging from $1 million to $100 billion and stands ready to help potential investors get their projects completed as the economy improves.


Capital Direct Funding Hard Money is made up of a professional group of veteran professionals with many years of experience in lending. They specialize in hard money, conventional finance and fast bridge commercial real estate lending. To learn more visit the company’s website or call 877.273.7823 to speak with a company representative.

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