XIAMEN - Ever since its invention and commercial exploitation, the growth of printing through www.china-art-prints.com different stages of history and technological development has been spectacular. The latest link in the long chain of this development is the wonder that is canvas printing which demonstrates how art and technology can combine to produce a synergy that is breathtakingly sublime. Like many other fields, printing is also one domain that has taken incredible strides along with technological innovations.

Canvas printing is a method where images are directly transferred onto the canvas. The image which is the original in acrylic or oil is transferred and printed onto canvas or gallery¨C wrapped to a frame. The distinct advantage in this method of transferring images is that the printed image is the exact replica of the original with all its uniqueness intact. The reproduction on canvas is so effective that it would take an art expert or an accomplished connoisseur to tell them apart even when the original is the work of masters like Van Gogh or Renoir.

With the advent of canvas prints, it has become possible for paintings to be mass produced like any other consumer goods. Now works of great wholesale canvas prints masters along with paintings of unknown artists adorn the walls of ordinary drawing rooms. Canvas printing has made it possible what would have been unthinkable a few decades back ¨C making the line that separates art production and art reproduction so thin as to be invisible. Hand painted customized portraits and family paintings as well as photographs of favorite pets and plants can be reproduced on the natural looking canvas surface without the original losing any of its special features or quality.

China has now become an important hub in the mass production of paintings by canvas printing and has been successfully exploiting the immense possibilities in this field. The canvas prints wholesale from China have now an impressive market share due to the high quality of the products produced using specialized technology in canvas printing like Giclee. This technique is ideal for artists who do not require producing their work in bulk. Images can be stored and retrieved to be reproduced according to requirement. Refine arts and Crafts Co.Ltd. are leaders in the production of art work in canvas prints. Known for high quality of work, the company has local as well as international clientele.

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Located in Xiamen, China the company is a pioneer in dealing in artwork and painting reproductions. The high quality and competitive China canvas prints wholesale prices without compromising values has helped the company carve a niche for itself in the world of commercial art.

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