The Canon XF100 takes the same compression with Canon XF300 and XF 305, it also generate MXF files to confirm a high quality video output. And compared with XF300 and XF305, this Canon XF100 adds some new features, so it is more powerful than other Canon cameras to some degree. Because Canon XF100 utilizes MPEG-2 compression with an MXF File Wrapper, it also has problems in video editing.

The MXF files generated by Canon XF100 cannot be transferred into FCP, and some other video programs are also not compatible with MXF files. So if people want to edit videos shot with Canon XF100 with FCP, they must convert MXF to FCP compatible formats in advance. Aimed to get a high quality videos after converting, a good MXF to FCP converter is necessary. And the professional Canon XF100 MXF to FCP converter is a powerful MXF to FCP converter.

Using Canon XF100 MXF to FCP Converter is very easy to use, and it works very fast. Just click the mouse few, it can do all jobs automatically at a high speed. On the other side, this Canon XF100 MXF to FCP Converter can preserve the original video quality perfectly. Additionally this powerful Canon XF100 MXF to FCP Converter also provides some video editing functions, such as merge and rate setting. After converting MXF to FCP compatible format, people can edit their favorite videos with FCP freely.

Step by step guide to help you import Canon XF100 mxf file into Final Cut Pro

Step 1:Add mxf file into Mac Canon XF100 MXF to FCP Converter

Install and run Mac Canon XF100 MXF to FCP Converter, select the mxf files and add them into MXF to FCP Converter for Mac.

Step 2:Set Output format: .mov

Set output format that you need, here choose FCP .mov.

Step 3:Start Conversion

Click the “Convert” button to convert mxf file to FCP .mov, just a few minutes, you can finish the conversion.

Step 4:Import Canon XF100 mxf files into FCP

Run Final Cut Pro App, and import the conversion video into your FCP for editing directly.