Mobile games became a huge booming business for many developers across the world since they get to have chances of being one of the most trending games of the year. Once that some people enjoyed your game until they share it to many people, expect that you will get bigger income and will make you world famous just because of the game that you made. No matter how simple or complicated the game may be, as long as it’s challenging and addicting, expect that people will surely love to play it again and again.

Candy Crush is one of the best games in the arsenal of mobile games because of the challenging levels that involves crushing candies while completing certain level requirements to advance to the next one. What makes the game more addicting is that there are some powerups and some special candies that you can use to easily beat the already challenging game, and also the fact that there are many colorful levels filled with some challenges that might empty your moves — not to mention the fact that you also need to wait for lives before you can play the game.

Candy Crush is a game for the masses because people ranging from kids to old people love to play it as they spend their whole time beating many levels or trying to get a way out of a very annoyingly hard level. Up until now, the game is known to be getting a huge amount of cash, and has also beaten the well known gaming franchise Nintendo when it comes to the sales that they got. Take note that Nintendo is a gaming franchise that’s known to create the best games like Super Mario since the era of the NES, and it is also a company that has made lots of fun to play consoles which includes the ever beloved Wii.

There are news that King was able to get more than $600 million from January to March, while Nintendo was only able to gather around $410 million even though powerhouse gaming icons like Mario exists in this franchise. This means that no matter how popular you were, as long as there’s something that the masses will love, they will be able to beat you if you do not improve the quality of your content. But we think that Nintendo is still good in their own right, and the company will never become insecure to the success that the trending game is receiving.

About is one of the most popular online games these days, and more and more gamers are playing this due to its mind-blogging concept. For those who seek for hints and tips to level up may visit the Candy Crush website.