24, May 2016: One of Canada’s top drug rehab centre has hired another addiction doctor to enhance the services already provided by their alcohol and drug rehab bring it to a total of two doctors on staff.

Dr. Ron Phillipson has 16 years experience, with 4 years specifically in the addiction field. He attended medical school at The University Of Manitoba between 1998-2002. Then a residency at the University of Toronto at Mount Sinai Hospital from 2002-2004. He practiced family medicine inclusively from 2004-2011. From 2011 he focused more on addiction medicine, and in 2014 the doctor completed the ABAM exam with the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Phillipson is joined by a new nurse who was also recently hired. The facility’s aim is to provide a treatment tailored to each individual in order to inspire lasting change.

Individuals who attend the centre are recovering from alcohol, drugs, and other substances in some cases. Highly intensive options are available for those looking to break addiction, and the addiction is always tackled at the root. High success rates are achieved, and there are low relapse rates with the techniques used. Social, psychological, physical, and spiritual needs are all taken into account and assessed, reviewed throughout the treatment process. Some of the addictions catered for include:

* Alcohol addiction.
* Cocaine addiction.
* Crack addiction.
* Gambling addiction.
* Heroin addiction.
* Marijuana addiction.
* Oxycodone and Oxycontin addiction.
* Prescription drug addiction.

Different circumstances lead different people to addiction. The drug rehab understands this and aims to address them as best they can to obliterate the problem for good. The professional staff have over 100 years of experience and are on site 24/7 to help. There are top addiction doctors, primary counselors, therapists, hypnotherapists and even yoga instructors. With the staff, clients will learn the techniques needed to live a happy, drug free lifestyle. Aftercare services are also put in place in order to ensure a seamless transition to regular life. Core values of the clinic are as follows:

* Commitment to investing in people.
* Quality and always striving for excellence.
* Dignity and restoring self respect.
* Care and helping more people.

Some of the treatment programs available for clients include:

* Group counselling.
* Individual addiction counseling.
* Inpatient rehab.
* Interventions.
* Outpatient addiction treatment.

There are rehab guidelines that need to be adhered to in order to keep things running smoothly. Some of these include residents tidying up after themselves, looking presentable, and only watching TV between the permitted hours. Doing these things are important for getting into a good daily routine and breaking the cycle of addiction.

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