If you ask J.E. (Jim) Pendleton, author of The Special, he may not have thought so before he wrote this book, but now…

The Special honors the life of his uncle Billy Pendleton who served in WWII. Based in England as part of a U.S. flight crew, Billy was presumed dead over the Bay of Biscay in a battle with German planes in February 1944.

In addition to serving in WWII, Billy Pendleton was a car buff and was amazingly talented with his hands. He created furniture, radios, and other pieces that filled his parents home. As Jim began to build a car he called The Special he also became a sleuth, ferreting out any information he could find about his uncle and how the car would have been built in that era. What started out as a car build, turned into a series of serendipitous events that changed Jim’s life and resulted in the writing of The Special.

It started with a series of rare parts that mysteriously came to Jim just when he needed them during the build. Then there was the total stranger offering the use of his workshop and tools. But the most mysterious event happened in April 2005. At virtually the same time Jim was in his office writing about that final flight from 60 years ago, a strange discovery took place in the ocean south of Ireland. A fishing trawler pulled up its nets only to find the nearly pristine landing gear of an airplane tangled inside. Experts traced the serial numbers and discovered it was from Billy’s aircraft! Coincidence… you decide. The Special is filled with the story of the build, the people involved, interesting historic information about the world of car racers during the 40’s, the men who served in WWII and an amazing love story.

For more information about The Special, and about his serendipitous journey, visit Jim’s website at http://jependleton.com. To purchase personally autographed copies of The Special, visit http://whitehallpublishing.com/jep.html. Books are also available at amazon.com.


About  J.E. Pendleton was was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas.  He has lived there most of his 60+ years.  Married with three children and a proud grandfather, J.E. Pendleton loves family, reading, old cars and history. All of which are brought together in The Special.

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