NEW YORK, NEW YORK, April 14, 2015 Pregnancy and childbirth isn’t all sunshine and roses. While it may be the most exciting time in a woman’s life, it brings with it a long list of physical issues that most women assume are “normal” changes they must accept when they become mothers.  In Marianne Ryan’s new book, she bridges the gap between evidence-based medical science and fitness advice. It’s been successfully tested on over 100 women who were able to start the program from day one after delivery. Turn Flab to Fab in 12 weeks Flat.

Most women are offered top-notch care while they are pregnant and during delivery, but the majority of health care professionals often forget to address the needs of the women behind that belly, especially after giving birth. There is an attitude that the physical strains placed on a woman’s body as a result of childbirth is temporary and will somehow magically revert back to normal “over time.” This is not true. These changes can lead to lifelong problems and can be prevented with proper postpartum care.

“Baby Bod explains the musculoskeletal effects of pregnancy and postpartum in a way that all patients will understand.  Whether you are pregnant for the first time or have had multiple children, it’s an important read for all!”
—Jaclyn H. Bonder, MD Medical Director, Women’s Health Rehabilitation and Assistant Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College

Marianne Ryan, PT, OCS is not only a mother; she is a physical therapist with a passion for helping women with the often overlooked postpartum issues described above. It is easy for her to relate to other moms because she suffered with recurrent back pain and a leaky bladder for years. She tried several different exercise programs and even a biofeedback program for months at a time. Nothing helped, until she developed an evidenced-based exercise program called Baby Bod®. She has written Baby Bod® to provide women with a gentle, effective solution to restore their health and wellness inside and out after giving birth. It is a DIY step-by-step program that can be started during pregnancy, one day after delivery or even years after becoming a mother. Marianne is available to interviews and book signings.

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