Undergoing multiple plastic surgeries at once has become a popular trend these days. Among the popular combination procedures, many people are quizzical about having a facelift with rhinoplasty at the same time.

Technically known as rhytidectomy, a face lift surgery is chosen by those whose face looks excessively old or tired and has signs of aging such as sagging, drooping, excessive facial creases or slack jaw and neck line. With facelift one can get smooth and taut skin on the face and neck which makes one look younger and fresher than before by about 10 — 15 years.

Rhinoplasty or commonly known as nose job is considered by those who have aesthetically unacceptable nose or have nasal airway obstruction or crooked nose. Although the apparent signs become visible at 3 — 6 months after surgery but the nose looks better and attitude improves with each passing day. The pain and discomfort are soon forgotten as the results become more and more evident.

Combining facelift with rhinoplasty is very advantageous. The most obvious reasons are one time anaesthesia for the two procedures and the discounts you get on combining cosmetic surgery procedures. For rhinoplasty and facelift, one time anaesthesia is enough for the two surgeries to be performed. The results of the two procedures complement each other and give a desired facial appearance. Besides these, the two procedures at the same time would mean further cost savings on hospital fee, accommodation fee and early recovery with two procedures unlike the time dispensed if the surgeries are done separately.

With cosmetic surgery becoming popular world wide, many people from west are finding suitable places which could provide affordable plastic surgery abroad. India is one such place where many people from west, Middle East countries as well as African countries are coming in great numbers. The peculiar feature about traveling abroad to India is the availability of cosmetic surgery at affordable cost without any compromise in the quality of care. 

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