LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 12, 2015— Judy van Niekerk, author of the new bestseller IVF-Birthing Your Entrepreneurial Successâ„¢: Unlock Your Financial Freedom and Turn Challenges into Opportunities says, “We are all born natural entrepreneurs. It is embedded in us as we negotiate and market ourselves through life. However, when it comes to business, we do not tend to recognize our innate abilities, and often lock down our capacity to create the success we desire. We separate the spiritual self from the material self, as we have come to believe that they are separable. This book shows that they are not. When they work in unison, the results are amazing, with rich material and spiritual rewards.”

Judy shares the formula of three essential elements which are completely interdependent in life and business, and represent the secret ingredient to birthing entrepreneurial success. They are inspiration, value and finance and it is imperative that all three are congruent and work in harmony to create success.
This book shows readers, step by step, what is needed to unlock their inner technology, live aligned and congruent with their Purpose and Mission, and monetize their mission in order to live a fulfilled and inspired life.

“Judy van Niekerk is a master in her life. She has ‘shown up’ and made the most out of the opportunities that life has presented to her. As someone who understands how critical it is to ‘show up’ in life, I can totally appreciate the value that Judy adds to the lives of those she serves, as well as to her own life. Not only has she shown up, but she has demonstrated enormous courage to powerfully reflect on her experiences, and identify the secret to unlocking the power we have to completely take charge of our lives. She has shared those secrets in this book, which is packed with valuable information that will turbocharge your life if you take action and show up.” Raymond Aaron, New York Times Best-Selling Author
Judy van Niekerk is an entrepreneur, author and researcher and mentor. She transforms people’s lives around the world daily, mentoring, speaking and training as she ignites love and talent in people through her various programs. Globally, she works with individuals, companies and groups across all markets, including youth, guiding them to greater levels of empowerment and enrichment.

Judy establishes businesses that create solutions to challenges in society and works with entrepreneurs globally to do the same through marrying their inner and outer technology. Judy is available for interviews and book signings.

IVF-Birthing Your Entrepreneurial Successâ„¢: Unlock Your Financial Freedom and Turn Challenges into Opportunities is available on
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