Can a مدرسخصوصيreally improve a child’s exam results? A survey organised by the University of London showed that a مدرسcan increase a student’s exam results at a certain discipline by one grade. More details on how this is possible, throughout this article.


   First of all, a مدرسخصوصيhelps students study for exams in several ways. The more we delve into the depth of the learning process and into what sets the best students apart in terms of knowledge acquisition, the more we come to understand and  to appreciate the important role of the مدرس. His role is not limited to supervising the learning process and providing the learning materials. In fact, his most prized skill is being able to motivate the student into learning, in class, during tutoring and most importantly, at home, in independent study sessions. By teaching them how to learn, the students gain an important soft skill that they will be able to use during the rest of their life, seeing as every career entails lifelong studying. By helping them to express themselves, the students learn to cope in a complex education system that is ever increasing in competitiveness.


   A private teacher will end up shaping the pupil’s life and lead him on a successful path. It may not seem important beyond this semester’s exam results, but a professor’s role goes beyond immediate results and focuses more in long term soft skills acquired. A talented and dedicated professional can also help the student find his path and develop a love for the subject.


   When it comes to introvert pupils or students, a private teacher understands that the student may not feel like speaking out and expressing his opinions in front of others, because of his shyness, but he is just as motivated to learn as the other students and to that purpose he needs the help of an individual who can encourage him to express his creativity and understand what lies beneath his inability to speak out in class, in front of others.


   In fact, most students and pupils will find it easier to study when they are the sole focus of the study group, as in one on one tutoring sessions because they are able to set the pace and ask questions when they haven’t fully grasped a concept or need more information on a given subject. As they grow up, teenagers find it difficult to simply ask questions in class as they find themselves more and more influenced by peer pressure and by others’ opinions of them. They are afraid be laughed at for saying something wrong or stupid so they would rather not answer at all. By not participating in class they are creating a pattern that can influence the rest of their classes and influence their grades. If they do not gain confidence through expressing their own opinions they will always see speaking in public as an obstacle which they will find impossible to overcome. However, a private teacher knows how to approach students so as to inspire them to think for themselves and express their ideas in public. 

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