(Free Press Release) The founder and owner of campingtentsmall.com announced today the release of its initial web site for camping tents, shelters and canopies with content suitable for all ages.

April 12, 2011 -- Former corporate Strategy executive Jan Ajonjoh said he saw an opening in the marketplace for a site focused only on camping tents, canopies and where visitors can find a comprehensive range of camping tents, canopies and shelters at very competitive prices. According to Jan, "most of the online stores that sell a wide range of camping tents are like huge shopping malls carrying all types of things.

Last year when it came to time for my wife and I to get new camping tents for ourselves and the kids for our annual camping trip we did not find many sites where we could leave the kids to search on their own for the type of tent they wanted before we narrow down the choices. Most sites also carried other outdoor sporting goods items - guns, ammunition, knives and other paraphernalia that was not suitable for the kids." It was at this point that Jan decided to use his vast corporate knowledge of developing products with the customer at the center to "create a site that would make buying camping tents and canopies easy, quick convenient, secure and at the same time very-affordable," he said.

Today, Jan spends his time managing and fulfilling customer orders at his site Camping Tents Mall (http://www.campingtentsmall.com), a site that is devoted strictly to camping tents, canopies and shelters for online shoppers

The founder and owner of http://www.campingtentsmall.com announced today the release of its initial web site for camping tents, shelters and canopies with content suitable for all ages

With over two decades of strategy and marketing experience, Jan knew the right experts to engage to develop and market his website and he has got off to a great start as the economic situation is making many people consider camping as alternatives to fly-drive hotel expensive vacations.

Affordability and Choice will prove to be Camping Tent Mall's hallmark. "My goal is to create happy, satisfied customers who will be served with distinction by making sure we source and provide the widest range of high quality camping tents, shelters and canopies at exceptionally affordable process for all our customers." Ajonjoh said.

So why the Web site's name: "We see ourselves as a "mall" to the extent that we carry a large of camping tents, canopies, shelters and screen houses at affordable prices, but unlike a shopping mall that carries all types of products, we only deal with camping tents. You'll therefore see that our philosophy is consistent with our camping tents mall name." Ajonjoh said.

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Camping Tents Mall
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