Caltron Industries can provide Industrial LCD Open Frame Monitors to applications that require or would like to upgrade current monitors.  Open frame monitors have begun replacing traditional CRT monitors with its advanced technology and design.

Fremont CA - Many industrial applications have begun to change from CRT monitors over to more space efficient monitors.As technology improves the efficiency of monitors and size both increasing in efficiency while decreasing in size thickness at the same time.  Monitors used to take up quite a bit of space due to the large CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) that was required behind the screen to produce an image.  As technology developed further, there was no longer a need for a CRT to power up a screen.  Smaller boards were developed that are powerful enough to produce an image on the screen were coming to light in the monitor industry.  Industrial LCD Open Frame Monitors, also known as chassis mount monitors, panel mount monitors and bezel free monitors were then introduced.  This is considered a mini industry revolution, so-to-speak, since monitors were making quite a drastic change in shape and form.  Technology advancement will always make products more innovative and easier to manage and maintain, which is not limited to only industrial LCD open frame monitors.

A big upside to Industrial LCD Open Frame Monitors( is that it takes up much less space than traditional CRT monitors and failed components are much easier to replace because only the one part had to be replaced, instead of the unit as a whole.  Replacing one component is much cheaper and more cost efficient for companies that require hundreds to thousands of monitors to be on and used at one time.  Large companies understand that having just one machine with a monitor down for any period of time can cause a great loss in revenue.  Using an efficient monitor, like Caltron’s Industrial LCD Open Frame Monitor can prove to be useful for many industrial applications because with any company, the more downtime there is, the more money is lost due to little or no productivity, especially for machines that require a monitor to operate.  Industrial LCD open frame monitors can provide many advantages for practically any application.  Many companies were given perks for creating a more eco friendly work environment.  Perks included heavily discounted tax breaks from the government and that is definitely, enough to entice any company into trying to convert over to more green applications.  With the development of LCD panels, came the development of touch glasses to accommodate the LCD monitors as well.  Applications that wanted more than just an open frame monitor also had the option of getting a touch screen option added as well for applications that wanted to provide a more interactive experience.

Any application that requires a display would almost resort to upgrading to the newly developed monitors that were becoming vastly available.  CNC machine shops jumped at the opportunity to convert from bulky CRT monitors to Industrial LCD Open Frame Monitors because of how much space that would be saved from getting rid of CRT monitors. Industrial LCD monitors have proven to be a much better overall monitor than a typical CRT monitor, as they have much better viewing angles and are brighter, while using much less energy to operate.  In most cases, this allows the screen to be much more easily viewed by a large group of people at once since there will be minimal distortions and with a flat screen that allows for better viewing angles, this can prove to be useful in a wide variety of applications that are not limited to only industrial CNC machine applications, but any application that would require the integration of an industrial LCD open frame monitor.

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