Bogota,Colombia — Callzilla has quickly become the leading innovator for businesses looking to outsource for their Hispanic marketing needs. Understanding the importance of reaching out to Spanish speaking customers, they have revamped the world of customer relations between sales and consumers across the world.

Their user-friendly website and accent-neutral Spanish linguistic communication has been enjoyed by many who have taken advantage of their services. Taking a new approach to serving the Spanish community, their goal is to speak to the Latino target audience on their terms instead of just falling back upon a translator as a go-between. Seeing huge expansion with only a short amount of time under their belt, they are experiencing such an amazing response that they have collaborated with Live Ops to create an entirely new computing IT world with the integration of their Spanish-savvy know how.

Live Ops Partnership Win Win For Both Up-Comers

Live Ops and Callzilla have a grand scheme in mind to completely reinvent Spanish call centers. They plan to introduce to the market the industry’s first cloud contact center platform. Allowing their clients to utilize services from any remote location in the world through a new multi-channel platform, it will bring to businesses and their clients the best in communication and reporting, the world has ever known.

Live Ops will now be using Callzilla’s Spanish call center know-how to head their Spanish language business department. Using the Live Ops platform, live agents will have full access to a whole new network. Businesses who opt to use the combined service of these two cutting-edge companies will not only have the best in IT computing, they will have live agent participation as well. It is hard to know who will benefit from the partnership more, as it will combine two incredible business solutions into one outstanding package deal.

The Proof Is In The Expansion

Seeing such incredible success, Callzilla is also announcing that they are expanding their operations. A plan is underway to open a second site to allow a multi-site environment. Adding 250 or more new workstations, it will create an entirely new IT and computing infrastructure for the company. Having the ability to spread out, they see it as a more comfortable arena for their agents to work from. The excitement could be in the brand new state of the art building, or perhaps it is more in the feeling of accomplishment and reaffirmation that their business plan is not only beginning to take root, but growing to new heights, while just in its infancy. Seeing the payoff in the experienced faith of their established customers, is only furthering the credence that they are doing something to change the face of International business and consumer Hispanic marketing .

Bridging The Culture Barrier And Territorial Barrier

Having a contact center in Bogota, Columbia, the management of Callzilla has been working with the government to develop a grand scale campaign to openly recruit business owners looking to outsource, to choose Columbia for their needs. Solidifying their commitment with Columbia, Callzilla is working to bring this remote country to the forefront of options for those looking to branch out.

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