Orlando, FL — April 11, 2016 - Diseases that affect the foot may be due to various factors. First, signs and symptoms take place and when they are not properly addressed or treated at the right time, they can result in undesirable health consequences.

Calluses are one of the potential causes of complications. A callus is an extra, thick layer of the skin that typically develops on the soles and toe areas of the feet. They could also form in the skin areas of the palms and fingers.

According to experts, untreated callus continues to thicken in the presence of friction or pressure. Heloma durum, which pertains to a hard corn, is a thickened callus that has one or multiple focal areas of compacted keratin.

The focal points are described as hard as nails and typically turn into cone-shaped roots. The soft corns are called heloma molle, and they typically develop between the toes.

Pressure or friction in the foot may be due to unfit or wrong size of the shoes. When people wear the wrong footwear, it causes imbalance in the foot structure. This leads to overload on some areas.

Experts recommend that people should eliminate whatever is causing the friction or pressure. They should avoid footwear that has the wrong size or fit and keep their skin supple.

One of the things that can turn callus into infection is the use of metal objects such as skin graters or blades. Many people use these tools to remove corns and callus. Unfortunately, it increases one’s risk of infection.
These tools make consumers susceptible to injuries. When skin is wounded, it can easily catch virus and bacteria that leads to infection.

When callus is left untreated, it can also result in complications such as back, hip, or knee pain. Calluses often encourage sufferers to unconsciously change their posture to avoid further pressuring the affected areas.
Callus or corns may also trigger the development of bursitis, which is a painful inflamed sac of fluid. Infection as well as swelling may take place. In individuals with diabetes, who suffer from poor circulation, calluses can precede ulceration of the underlying tissue.

There are those who go to salons regularly to have their calluses removed. However, there are also those who remove their calluses at home by using safe and effective products such as electric callus removers. One of the best callus removers is offered by Naressa and can be purchased at amazon.com (amazon.com/Electric-Callus-Remover-Naressa-Electronic/dp/B015GJDW18).

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