New York- Most people don’t think about Santa Claus and his horned counterpart Krampus until late November, but artist and author Mike Drake is thinking about him now in mid-May. “I’ve been working on my latest book, Contemporary Krampus, for around 11 months now and curating the art has been a beautiful nightmare” says Drake, “There are so many talented artists involved, but I keep wanting to squeeze in one or two more. We go to press in July for our September release but I want to make one more call for artists who want to participate in the book”.

Drake is seeking artists with Krampus themed artwork. It can be a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, a photo, or perhaps something else. The key is that it must be original and showcase the sensibilities and style of the artist. The image should be between 5x7 and 8x10 inches and a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

Each participating artist will have a 500-word biography included in the book, a rare and thrilling treat, especially for newer artists. “We only have space for around nine more images” says Drake, “but considering how many wonderful and creative artists there are out there with Krampus themed work, I know it is going to be difficult to chose who to include”.

Krampus has been experiencing a huge growth in popularity over the past decade. Once seldom mentioned within the US, he is now a recognizable name. He appears on several holiday sweaters from the renowned Middle Of Beyond, Universal has a Krampus film coming out in November, and several companies have Krampus plush and collectibles on store shelves. “It’s never been a better time for Krampus here in the US” says Drake.

Artists interested in participating are encouraged to contact Drake at [email protected] before June 1st.

“And remember” adds Drake, “Be good!”

Mike Drake
[email protected]