USA — The Calligraphy font is the literal adumbration of the digital world. It is both quaintly classic and beautifully contemporary.  To say that it is a font style would be an understatement. What it is, is a genre of font styles. And thankfully, multiple versions of these are available on the internet.

The word ‘Kallos’ in Greek means beautiful. ‘Graphe’ means writing. Beautiful writing, therefore is the given name for this style. The onus therefore is on the flourish and the beauty of its design rather than readability. This is not a functional font that you can use to read an article on the go or in a moving train. The calligraphy font demands an occasion. A wedding invitation, for example. Or an invite to a prestigious, cultural gathering, or, in today’s digital culture, where designs, art and fonts from the past are coming back into vogue, it could be a brilliant piece of an event manager’s menagerie.

Today, by writing, one means, typing into a computer or a laptop. The days of practising cursive writing in schools, which then culminates into the art of calligraphy, for a few, is long gone. But the font still continues to create an impact on whoever uses it and also on those it is meant for.

Which is why, the calligraphy font, which is an easy and quick download is ubiquitous in most computers around the world.

About Us

The Calligraphy Font is a stylized genre of fonts that can be downloaded with ease. The size of the font, the variation of the font and the colour can all be changed with ease and used as per will. It is a safe freeware download and is free from adware and malware.

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