SmartFarm — The Smart Greenhouse are searching for Food Bank, Church or charitable organization in California to accept donation of greenhouse. The Smart Greenhouse grows fruit and vegetables using sand hydroponics. The unique system works even in extreme drought conditions using no paid for water.

“The Smart Greenhouse is an answer to hunger and nutrition, we just need them placed in the right locations," states celebrity spokesperson Marc Price.

Anyone alive in the 80's will remember Marc Price for his role as Skippy Handleman in the hugely popular NBC sitcom Family Ties, starring Michael J. Fox.  Recently he has landed a new role as spokesperson for SmartFarm- The Smart Greenhouse.

“We are searching for a Food Bank, Church or charitable organization in California that will let us donate a SmartFarm — The Smart Greenhouse."

"In exchange the Food Bank will be required to donate space, maintenance and allow us to showcase the project. We will study the results to improve the The Smart Greenhouse system."

"This donation will allow the recipient to grow distribute fresh fruits and vegetables all year using no paid for water.”

The Smart Greenhouse is being designed, researched and developed by Reno based, Tahoe Greenhaus Inc, and the father and son team of Jonas and Tomas Sipaila. Their unique technology is a new class of greenhouse that solves the lack of access to water because of drought.

The Smart Greenhouse harvests rain water and condensation for reuse. The rainwater is diverted during wet weather, stored and reused in the greenhouse.

“As an example The Smart Greenhouse can grow hundred of pounds of tomatoes annually with little or no cost for water.  The yield could vary depending on which fruits and vegetables are planted.”

“We will be launching an Indiegogo campaign in December to raise funds for the donation. We would definitely like to have the Food Bank, Church or charity selected prior to the launch.”

Price concludes, “The Smart Greenhouse is an answer to hunger and nutrition, we just need them placed in the right locations. The faster the public learn the huge benefits of the unique technology faster we can put an end to hunger in the US. When that happens we will be in a much stronger position as a nation to assist other countries.”

For Food Banks, Church or charity interested in a donation may call their California office at 213 598 4509 or go The Smart Greenhouse Donation(

Information on the Indiegogo campaign is also available on the website.

About Marc Price:
After Family Ties, he launched a successful comedy career. As a stand up Marc has opened for Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld. He's starred in movies, hosted late night talk shows and has been behind the cameras writing and producing for E! TBS, Disney Channel, Animal Planet, GSN, and Showtime.

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