EXTRA SIGNS, a local Calgary signage and printing company, has begun offering banners printed on mesh material which allows the wind to travel through, making them a safer choice than traditional scrim banners.

When it comes to banners Calgary has no shortage of printing and sign companies that can manufacture them, even in big sizes, but when it comes to banners that are affixed to structures such as fences, scaffolding, improvised posts, etc which can collapse under higher wind load forces (and potentially cause damage or injuries), going with a company like EXTRA SIGNS can mean the difference between success and failure.

The company has begun offering banners printed on poly mesh weave materials, which due to their 50/50 to 70/30 ratio of material to hole, can permit direct airflow to travel through the banner, as opposed to pushing entirely onto it.

Prospective clients should know that Calgary banners made by EXTRA SIGNS are in conformity with the Regulations (Bylaws) created by the City Of Calgary for exactly this type of temporary signs.

Damaging pressures exerted on exposed banners are directly proportional with the force of the wind and the surface of the banner facing the wind. Forces transmitted to the structures to which banners in high winds are attached to, can either sever the ties (rope, tie-wraps, etc) and release the banner which can fly and fall on moving vehicles for example creating potentially dangerous situations, or even cause the supporting structures (poles, fences, scaffold) to collapse, again creating dangerous situations,

The printing of these mesh banners is done using state-of-art large format printers which use solvent-based inks and heat the material for engineered ink absorption; the material comes with a paper liner so that ink droplets are not fired through the “hole” parts of the mesh and onto the printer bed creating ink spills.

The process requires additional time for inks to dry, and typically orders are delivered the next day, unless large quantities dictate otherwise.

One of the drawbacks of mesh banner printing is that colors tend to show more faded because the supporting white “canvas” of these prints is.. perforated!, and background behind the banner tends to soften the colors and contrast, when compared to scrim banners. Other drawback is that the pull and tear strength of mesh banners is not as good as good as that of the scrim banners.

Company Info:
C1 — 3911 Brandon Street SE
Calgary, AB., T2G 4A7
Ph: 403-454-5526