Mortgage Broker Store has now expanded to the Caledon market. They will now be providing second mortgages in Caledon to homeowners who cannot qualify at a bank.

Mortgage Broker Store is one of the leading lenders in Ontario. It serves a wide segment of the local market, offering unique solutions to homeowners who cannot get a mortgage. They now plan to expand their services to include second mortgages in Caledon.

A second mortgage, essentially speaking, is a loan designed to help homeowners make maximum use of the equity on their properties. With one, the atypical homeowner will be able to get money for all of their financial needs.

Ron Alphonso, the principal broker at Mortgage Broker Store, explains that these loans are of vital importance. “With the rise in the number of homeowners in Caledon being turned away by banks, we have decided to bring a unique solution to the local market in the form of second mortgages in Caledon.”

The company has helped countless other homeowners take advantage of their financial flexibility in the form of second mortgages. It issues these loans especially to homeowners in precarious situations and ensures that they have the money they need.

One of the main advantages provided by the second mortgages in Caledon that Mortgage Broker Store is that they can saver homeowners money. This means that homeowners who take out the loan will be able to enjoy lower rates of interest — which are better in comparison to personal loans and credit cards.

In the same way, Mortgage Broker Store will highly personalize the second mortgages it offers. This is another advantage that homeowners can count on and is not offered with traditional bank mortgages. By so doing, the company will customize the mortgage terms so that they suit the individual client’s specific needs. Some clients, for instance, will be able to skip certain payments. Others will get pre-paid interest on their loans while others will only have to contend with interest-only second mortgages in Caledon.

During our interview with Ron Alphonso, he also mentioned the fact that Mortgage Broker Store work with many clients that have bad credit. Most of these clients include homeowners who have already turned down by traditional banks and lenders. Further, the company will focus on the existing mortgage on the borrower’s property as well as its selling price — instead of on the credit score.

Mr. Alphonso said that Mortgage Broker Store had been doing business in various cities across Ontario, Canada. Their time on the market had been so successful that some homeowners were able to get back their financial muscle as a result of the mortgages — as well as from the advice by the company to help them find alternative ways to make their properties productive. One such solution included renting out basements and garages to supplement income. Now, Mortgage Broker Store will expand and start providing second mortgages in Caledon.

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