enables viewing and sharing vector-quality CAD drawings online, without installing additional software, for free.

CadSoftTools has announced the availability of a free online service for sharing vector-quality CAD drawings over the Web. No fee, software or registration is required to take advantage of the new service. The new service gives quick access to CAD drawings from any PC or Web-enabled device connected to the Internet.

CAD files have a specific format, and opening them on a computer takes special viewer software. Before sending a CAD file to someone else, it is wise to make sure that the recipient too has the software for opening that file. ShareCAD eliminates these inconveniences and allows opening CAD drawings directly in the web browser.

With, sharing CAD drawings over the Internet comes down to uploading the file to and sharing the link to that file, which the website returns, to the recipient. The recipient, in his turn, can simply copy the link to his browser and wait a moment until the drawing opens up, right in the browser window.

ShareCAD supports the keyboard and mouse operations, typical for the stand-alone CAD applications: rolling the mouse wheel for zooming in and out on the image, pressing the right mouse button or wheel to drag the object and other commands. Frequent operations are available through the context menu, toolbar and common keyboard shortcuts.

Supported formats: AutoCAD DWG / DXF, HPGL PLT, SVG and CGM.

Supported browsers: MS IE, FireFox, Opera, Chrome

Required software: Adobe Flash Player

Availability and Pricing

Available online to anyone, free of charge at Registration is not required.

About CADSoftTools

Established in 2000, SOFT GOLD (operating under the CADSoftTools trademark) specializes in the development of CAD-related software, including applications, libraries and plug-ins.

The company‘s mission is to promote information technology as a vehicle for advancing the creative potential and providing engineering and technical specialists with state-of-the-art solutions for industrial applications.

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