Dong Guan, China, 22, February 2016: People who are well aware of the benefits of e cigarettes can go for the most wanted deals and can save money on the web store of Cacuqecig. The online store designs vape auctions for customers that are available every day and are updated on a weekly basis. The flash sales of e cigarettes can bring a price saving of up to 50% with free worldwide shipping.

The spokesperson of the e cigarette store reveals that they are the first place to offer vape auctions. The idea is to encourage people to switch from the tobacco based smoking products and to try e cigarettes that are less injurious to human health. One can participate in the auction in 5 simple steps. First, one needs to create an account on the website. Then, one can choose the ideal product in the auction club. In the next step, the person needs to check his qualification before going for the bid. And in the final step, the winner will be chosen and he/she will get an email notification.

According to the spokesperson, they put a number of products everyday for the auction. One can choose from any of these products and can stand a chance of winning and get their products at a lower price than that it is available in the market. The spokesperson reveals that everyday a number of people participate in the flash sales and this is an important way to popularize e cigarettes among people.

The online store aims at educating people about the benefits of e cigarettes. That is why they have created an ecig forum for people to learn everything about e cigarettes and make a decision in an informed manner. Besides sharing important knowledge about e cigarettes, the forum is also the place to learn about coupons and promotional offers that the online store offers from time to time. The forum has hundreds of important topics for e cigarette enthusiasts and particularly for people who want to quit smoking tobacco based products.

Anyone interested to take part in their flash sales can visit the website

About Cacuqecig:

Since the establishment in Oct 2013, Cacuq has been growing rapidly, and has soon become the top 3 distributors of brand E-cig products in China. They have authorization to sell Joyetech, Aspire, Ismoka, KangerTech, Smok, Sigelei and other premium E-cig brands. The company’s annual sales revenue has reached hundreds of millions and it is still growing steadily. They have the goal to provide abundant quality E-cig products to E-cig resellers in the first time, and to become one of the most reputable and professional E-cig distributors.

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