Ningbo, Zhejiang, China - In any building's electrical wiring a vital part is played by the system of wire cable tray. These cable tray systems offer support to the insulated power cable for power distribution and transmission. A wire mesh cable tray is generally used for the purpose of cable management mainly in industrial & commercial construction sites. Vichnet Communication Science & Technology Ltd is one top wire mesh cable tray manufacturer that has already earned special reputation for its most extensive product line consisting of premium quality cable tray & cable tray basket, Cable Fixer, Ceiling Mounting, connectors, Wall Bracket, Floor Stand. 

Each Vichnet Cable tray is a great engineering masterpiece manifesting skillful wire mesh welding work and the company also offers its customers the installation services for the cable trays they purchase from the company. This cable tray manufacturer & supplier is based in China, in the coastal city of Ningbo which allows Vichnet cable basket supplier & manufacturer to take advantage of the Ningbo port for global export. 

The company has a team of experts, highly experienced in their field of work and with the great positive feedback from thousands of clients from all over the world the company has emerged as one of the best cable basket trays manufacturers in China. The company has made a solid online presence through its official website 

“The kind of wire mesh cable tray and cable basket our company manufactures is made to go through a step by step testing at each and every stage that the manufacturing procedure has. We take up stringent quality control measures to make sure that our clients get the safest products yielding maximum satisfaction. The Key quality control measures that has caused our company to be the topmost company in the list of many other cable basket trays suppliers are Salt Spray testing, Welding Strength Testing, Zinc-coat thickness testing, SWL testing. As a cable tray supplier we have been able to satisfy our clients greatly because our wire mesh cable trays have a strength that is 27% higher than the commonplace usual cable trays. Thus as Vichnet cable trays manufacturers we have succeeded in giving a tough competition to all our competitors” says a team member.

This cable basket tray cablebasket manufacturer has touched highest International standards of quality with regard to the cable tray baskets & systems they manufacture and have been awarded the prestigious 2008 ISO9001 Certification, the TLC, GMC Certifications and the company-manufactured cable trays have qualified in the SGS Test Results. “Vichnet is simply outstanding as a wire cable tray systems manufacturer. The cable trays they supplied my factory are very sturdy & good quality” says a Vichnet cable tray happy customer. 

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