Dublin, Ireland — C10 electronic cigarettes have just released it’s new range of products on it’s website. According to the companies marketing manager Jack Carter, this new range is focusing as much on style as anything else. He said “Since the electronic cigarette became popular a few hers ago, peoples tastes have evolved and we hop this new range of products reflect that. ”

The electronic cigarettes were invented quite some time ago but were never very popular until the smoking of cigarettes was prohibited in public places in many countries. C10 were not the first business to see potential in the market but what they do have is a large following and many consumers see the C10 brand as the one with the broadest appeal.

Jack Carter said “Once people like a brand of electronic cigarette they like, they generally stick to it unless something dramatic appears on the market. We try to stay at the forefront of research and development and with a market thetas growing as quickly as this, it can be quite a challenge. We always try and offer something to everybody in our range which includes consumers new to the industry.”

He also said “the range we are releasing now is geared towards the electronic cigarette starter kit users. People want to be able to buy their electronic cigarette equipment all in one go, without having to buy boys and pieces here and there. It also represents better value for them by buying larger quantities in one go. The new range includes replacement cartridges with more flavours, we now offer more colours in our electronic cigarette batteries and we have added a lot more to our range of accessories.”

Accessories are very important to the C10 user and they are becoming more sophisticated. Our PCC carry case in now quite hi-tech. Traditionally, people could re-charge their cigarette with a usb stick, car charger or wall socket adaptor. Now with the C10 PCC, it will re-charge the electronic cigarette several times over without having to go to any of the traditional power sources.

About C10
C10 electronic cigarettes started business about a year ago and have become very popular and are seen as “trendy” by e-cigarette users. They started off with just a simple cardboard cigarette starter kit but have grown substantially and now offer a broad range of products.

Jack Carter, Marketing Manager
Derrycrib, Donadea
County Kildare, Ireland
[email protected]