Salt Lake City, UT - On one side are thousands of frustrated companies looking to expand but can't find the right shelving. On the other side is an easier storage system, better utilized space, and more profits.

In the middle is a company on a mission.

Buy Metal Shelving announced their dedication to providing the best in shelving. is a one-stop-shop for all of your industrial shelving needs. Their top quality shelving selection is the most complete and varied, and when combined with a friendly customer service staff and extensive distribution network, they are paralleled by no other metal storage company.

They have organized all their quick-shipping shelving options into convenient categories to assist you in your research and preparation, so you can ultimately determine and purchase the right shelving solution for your office, warehouse, auto shop, garage, back room, or any facility that requires high quality, heavy duty storage shelving.

At, they go out of their way to select the kind of materials for which the Jorgenson Companies brands are recognized. Since 1967 they have offered a complete line of industrial shelving to meet any needs that are both reliable and affordable. They provide all industrial shelving types including: boltless, bulk storage, steel shelving, and pallet rack warehouse shelving. Each item is heavy duty and built to last, as well as versatile, allowing you to adapt to your changing storage needs.

Each shelving unit can be adjusted, reconfigured, and even relocated according to the needs of your business. Industrial shelving requires zero maintenance and with a measure of care can last a lifetime. Thousands of quick ship items available for immediate delivery, or allow us to customize your storage solutions.

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