When you look at different types of womens underwear in a lingerie store, you will find a plethora of them that are designed using different techniques. You will find thong underwear also among them. It is the type of underwear that is designed to expose most of the woman’s body when it is worn. In front it has a small triangular piece of cloth. The backside is not covered and in order to keep the little piece of cloth in place, there are two strings attached to it. They are tied behind in order to secure the underwear. Usually, it is worn along with a bra that has a similar design.


Though you get this type of design in bikinis and beachwear, most women are not happy to wear them either in the beach or when going for a dip in the swimming pool. Instead they wear them in place of panties if their husbands are happy with this type of lingerie. In some countries thong underwear is also called G string underwear. One thing you need to remember in case you wear this type of womens underwear is to make sure that you don’t use it along with your low waist jeans. If you do so, the strings will show.


When you buy thong underwear you have many different options on making your selection. The sexiest one is the G string thongs that cover the one who is wearing it scantily. Also, there are ones with T bands. These are thongs that have wider waist bands that form Ts.  They are able to offer a bit more modesty with the underwear you select. Many of the lingerie shops as well as department stores offer them to enable you do the purchase easily. However, these are not expensive pieces of womens underwear.


When you try to buy your thong underwear in a store that sells womens underwear one of the problems you will face is that you will not be allowed to try them due to sanitary issues they could cause. Since you need to check the size you only could make a guess. Also, you are not sure whether it will make you feel scratchy. In case it does, you will not be able to wear it anymore. Therefore, the best is to buy them from a reputed online lingerie store that sells products of reputed manufacturers. When you do so, you are sure of their quality.


One way to do the purchase of thongs easily is to buy one at a time. When you try that and find it well fitting and also it doesn’t cause any discomfort when you wear it, you could go to the same online store again and purchase any number of them according to your needs. However, you may not need many pieces of this type of special lingerie that you will not be able to wear in public. As such, buying a couple of thong underwear to have them in your collection to be used whenever the opportunity occurs is quite sufficient.

Thong underwear is a type of womens underwear the dresses women scantily. Therefore they are not very good for wearing in public. However you could use them in place of panties.