02, May 2016: These years Airwheel has been increasingly giving an impression that the new products made by Airwheel is on the smart path. They involve more and more fields. In the respect of design, Airwheel is in pursuit of being simple. Airwheel new products hold on to these notion and creed. Of late Airwheel pushed out its excellent new models. These new models of electric self-balancing scooters tell all of stories.

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In the field of AI, the first one who enters will dominate. In the sector, Airwheel was the first to use AI technology in its products. In the 2016 CeBIT, Airwheel released artificial intelligence robot S9. Airwheel S9 unveiled the Airwheel technology in the sector, which makes AI technology possible to root in the market for electric scooter. Airwheel S9 can avoid obstacles and make the route itself. Airwheel will develop more external devices for S9 two-wheeled self-balancing robot. By means of these new external devices, functions of Airwheel S9 will be enhanced a great deal and set Airwheel S9 apart from others.


Airwheelsets foot in extensive fields such as AI and robotics and even the realm of wearable equipment. Airwheel S9 is a good example of integrating AI and robotics. Airwheel smart helmets C3 and C5 prove that Airwheel formally enter the field of wearable equipment. When Airwheel released its new products in Germany, it came as a sign that Airwheel made it in various fields. Airwheel has been undertaking sweeping jobs involving a variety of realms.


Fashion is an important factor for any product, which makes or breaks one brand. Airwheel is no exception. Airwheel pursues the simple design. Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter Z5 merely weighs 14.5 kg. In order to keep it compact and small in size, Airwheel Z5 can pack away. Being folded, it can be rammed into the boot and under the office desk. This convenience goes to say that Airwheel design is simple and minimalistic.

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