25th March 2013 - Elly-bars.com, a leading body jewellery supplier, is offering cheap belly bars at affordable rates. They cater 925 sterling silver, 316 stainless steel, body piercing, fashion jewellery as well as handmade jewellery in the United Kingdom but deliver worldwide.

Aside from their world class factory of jewelleries, Belly-bars.com also takes pride in their full time team of highly skilled professionals who are all dedicated in developing innovative e-commerce systems and online distribution strategies for managing their jewellery sales.

Belly-bars.com started as a small body jewellery production company in year 2009 yet with the increasing demand for their cheap belly bars, they have decided to move towards the online world in year 2010. They now offer varieties of body jewellery online. Everyone has the freedom to choose which bars are best suited for their needs. The price of belly bars at Belly-bars.com is unbeatable. Their shipping costs are also affordable which makes them as the primary choice of those who purchase jewellery in bulk. The local headquarter of the company is located in the United Kingdom and they are now serving many customers across the globe.

Currently, Belly-bars.com doesn’t accept any walk-in customers and they only sell their body jewellery online. Therefore, interested buyers should make their order online to get wide collection of cheap belly rings. To help their customers pick the finest jewellery that would match to their preferences, the company is also going to open a showroom soon.

Belly-bars.com, as a reliable wholesale and general body jewellery supplier and manufacturer, is committed in providing everyone top quality belly bar items that would help their customers’ business grow. The company continues to develop more jewellery and is planning to expand their collection so each of their customers will have plenty of choices when shopping around for their desired jewellery. Belly-bars.com jewellery was made with the use of advanced technologies. They have extensive resources and knowledge in producing jewellery that would stand out among their competitors. Moreover, Belly-bars.com also does their best to provide a world class customer support to respond to their issues as quickly as possible.

Interested readers who want to know more about the wholesale jewellery offered by Belly-bars.com may visit Belly-bars.com. They may also give the company a call or contact them by leaving a message.