5 September, 2013: What is Oil D’Arbeca Extra Virgin Olive Oil? This delicious EVOO is made from Arbequina olives from the region of Les Garrigues (Lleida). It represents the best quality of this popular Spanish oil. This Arbequina olive oil demonstrates what Arbequina is supposed to taste like because it is from the birth place of Arbequina in Arbeca, Spain. 

Who should use Oil D’Arbeca EVOO? Oil D’Arbeca is a great selection for EVOO and can be used in a wide assortment of meals — from dinners to appetizers and more. Chefs from around the world in many styles of restaurants take advantage of the taste Oil D’Arbeca EVOO provides. If you are a chef, or even an at-home cook, you can enjoy the benefits of cooking with Oil D’Arbeca Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

What does Oil D’Arbeca Taste Like? This fantastic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) has a fruitiness taste of medium intensity, slightly sweet and can have a bitter and spicy balanced taste in the mouth. This EVOO is reminiscent of ripe vegetables mainly, such as the artichoke, tomato,almond, and walnut. It is one of the best well balanced extra virgin olive oils found around the world. 

The process to making Oil D’Arbeca Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not simple. Since 1919, the juice from arbequina olives have been used to make this delicious EVOO. The olives are harvested from the ground, processed through mills, pass through more than several controls from Regulatory Councils (to ensure the highest quality of oil is being preserved in the best conditions), and then conserved to the highest quality standard reviews before it is distributed. The olive oil has the Denomination of Origin from Les Garrigues. This ensures the authenticity of this EVOO. 

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