Beats, are the foundation of all rap songs, and for most people the best way to get new beats is to buy them online. Because there has been a great demand and so many artists are buying beats online producers have had to get with the game and make their music available for online sale. With the demand and the increase in size of the industry the quality of available beats and reliability of service has seen some decline and now the same artists who use the system are facing new challenges when deciding what's the best way to buy beats online.

You see - not every online store is authorized. For example there are online beat stores and producers selling beats that they really do not have the rights to sell. Some of them are even merchandising beats that contain uncleared samples. Combine this with every other possibility in the book and one can only imagine the challenges that artists face when it comes to buying beats online. Now don't get me wrong. There are lots of honest producers and beatselling stores where you can buy beats online. Store sizes vary from single production house operations to gigantic collectives like Soundclick, RocBattle, and My Flash Store.

So you are ready to buy beats online. where should you start? The large collective offers a great opportunity to audition a large number of producers and their music. In some cases there is a chart system that may list the beats in order based on some criteria or per feature promotion, or by latest upload. These tools will permit you to quickly determine by genre which producers have the music that suits your style. In most cases the large collective store will facilitate sales and have systems in place to assist you in buying beats online. You can pull the trigger right here and get to work crafting your next hit, but if you delve in a little further you will also dig up producers that are not listed in the charts and hot beats that are buried in the site. Remember you will have to do some digging but there will always be gems for the picking.

Once you have identified a number of producers that have what you're looking for you should take the opportunity to look at their profiles. You can visit their personal websites where you may also be able to buy beats online, get direct links to them that will allow you to communicate via email and twitter, visit their facebook pages, and get to In some cases producers will have mailing lists that offer free and promotional beats - join up. This way you will get messages from these producers letting you know when they've added new beats to their websites and online stores. All in all once you've locked in 10 producers that are actively producing you're off to a good start and you should be able to comfortably begin the process of buying beats online.

But wait - just one more thing - There are 2 questions that you should focus on - what is the delivery format and what are the terms of agreement. First format. When a lot of people buy beats online they buy the tracks as mp3 files, but mp3 files are a lower quality than wav files so keep this in mind. If you intend to make a high quality recording, you will need to have the beat delivered as a wav file. If you feel that you want to have the tracked out version of the beat to further control the mix then you may need to make certain arrangements or buy a particular type of license. The second is that of contracts and agreements. When buying beats online choose producers and beat-selling shops that will provide you with an executed contract agreements, and of course - make sure you understand what the agreement says. This contract or agreement will determine how, when, and where the beat can be used so read carefully and of course if you have any questions or concerns contact the store or producer to get explanation.

You will find that if you carry out these steps and get really familiar with a number of producers you will have access to lots of beats and buying beats online will become more pleasant less stressful, and more straightforward. By taking the time to make sure that you are getting the track in the right format and of course that you understand the terms of usage you will be in a better place, and you will find the producers and online stores that work best for you. Remember the best producer might not be the most organized business person, or have the most reasonable agreement but once you know the deal you will be ready to buy beats online.