London — As the internet opens more doors for businesses, business at companies like language translation service provider is booming. Providing services to a range of different businesses across the UK, the service enables companies to keep overheads down whilst using the expert translation skills of mother tongue speakers who are also well educated subject experts.

The internet is a marvelous place. Tim Berners-Lee hasn’t just made it possible for us to reconnect with lost loved ones, buy any item that our hearts may desire for the best price, but he has also revolutionized business by providing access to specialist help in any service that is required.

One of these much needed services is in the field of language translation services performed by those who have expertise not only in their language but in any particular topic. was established in 2009 and has steadily built up its resources so that it now provides services from 3,500 language translators who speak over 280 different languages. If anybody has a medical report that was created in Swahili then they can get it translated accurately by mother tongue speakers in any language including English, Swedish or even Vietnamese.

Some companies and individuals may try to use the free translating tools that can be found around the web, which is all very well when the text is not to be used for anything that needs to really resonate with readers or possibly secure the business of new prospects. The results of these types of tools cannot be compared to a translation service that employs only translators who are educated to degree level and who translate in their mother tongue.

Over 6,800 languages are spoken in the world. Although the 280 languages that a company like Bubble Translators can work with sounds like an incredible amount and is most likely a wider coverage than we’d hear on even an annual basis, there are more languages than we may realize.

When it comes to online business, here are some statistics from 2010. The top language is currently English with 536 million users with Chinese coming in at 444 million users. The fastest growth is seen by users of Chinese, Arabic and Korean.

Chinese is spoken by more people on this planet than all the English speakers combined, so it could soon be the top language used online. Other key languages that are used extensively by users online are Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian and Korean. It is predicted that this current picture could soon change as more of Asia comes online.

Language website translation service providers can be found online and serve a wide range of clients from individuals to multi-national corporations across the UK such as IBM, Sony and VirginAtlantic.

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