Business Startup Course Instructional Manual is just the first step to enter into a world of business opportunities.

This Business Startup Course instructional manual will inform motivate and benefit start up businesses and businesses that have already successfully started a business references to local state and federal government contracts including assisting and support agencies information.

Reverse Mortgage What You Should Know:: & Preventing Foreclosure: Kindle Edition

by Clara Carter (Author), Keisha Carter Rodriguez (Author)

Reverse Mortgage What You Should Know & Preventing Foreclosure: This guide is a self-help guide designed to provide home owners a Step-By-Step procedure, requirements and options about reverse mortgage and preventing foreclosure. This guide will help you contact lenders and services with confidence. Second Print Updated

Mortgage Modification Assistance: This instructional guide is an empowering tool that can expand the business owner options and possibilities assisting struggling home owners having trouble speaking with their Mortgage Company or service on the subject of foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy. With reverse mortgage facts, procedure, requirements and foreclosure information.

HOW TO START YOUR OWN SMALL BUSINESS: And Doing Business With The Government Kindle Edition by Clara Carter (Author)
HOW TO START YOUR OWN SMALL BUSINESS And Doing Business With The Government Second Edition will inform, motivate and benefit startup businesses and existing small businesses. This reference guide provides tax strategies for the self-employed business owner. In addition, the text provides the necessary knowledge base regarding: deductions, management, non-profit tax information, including references to federal government assistance and other support agencies, marketing strategies and basic tax obligations

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