Jakarta, (December 15, 2016) — With old business models paving way for the new, legal services that are up to date with current legal trends and practices have acquired greater importance. For local and foreign companies that need corporate lawyers in Indonesia, Smart Legal Consulting offers qualified and professional legal services in a wide range of areas.

SMART offers legal services to both local and international clients who wish to develop their business in Indonesia. The firm was founded to create long lasting partnerships for providing complete legal counseling and aid in areas such as company formation, corporate secretarial services, business license, expatriate work permit, legal due diligence, litigation support and company search.

For thousands of investors in Indonesia, SMART offers a complete package to assist with fillings for legal business entities. It helps with administrative services for top multinationals as well as smaller enterprises for compliance with all government applicable regulations. The firm provides work permit assistance, and solves all legal due diligence issues as a qualified delegate partner.  To handle global litigation practices, it uses a suite of specialized litigation support services and is in collaboration with BP Lawyers Counselors at Law for dealing with commercial litigation and arbitration disputes.

SMART has set quality benchmarks to ensure its legal services are effective, efficient and budget friendly. Its processes are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and work on a time bound basis. Using the delegation principle, it offers itself as a partner who understands field conditions and the client’s business to provide trustworthy, time saving and cost efficient legal aid in Indonesia.

Investors and businesses currently operating or planning to set up new operations and requiring legal assistance from corporate lawyers in Indonesia can approach Smart Legal Consulting to hire an appointed partner as a competent legal counsel and resource.

About SMART Legal Consulting
SMART Legal Consulting is an Indonesian corporate Legal firm (SMART) which provides one-stop legal solution for everyone who runs business in Indonesia. Consisting of professionals, SMART focuses on providing effective and the best solutions and being your full time partner for the development and sustainability of your business.

To know more, please visit: www.smartcolaw.com

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