19 November 2009
New Delhi

New business oriented domain names released for buyers.

Four business oriented and brandable domain names are available for interested buyers. The domain names "Math-Codes.com", "Genset4home.co.cc", Compiled-Codes.co.cc" and "Deal4you.co.cc" are very business oriented and brandable. A very large area is covered by these domain names in their respective fields.

The domain names "Math-Codes" and "Compiled-Codes" are primarily for selling programming products, software and services related to mathematics. All other education based products/services can be listed on the websites.
The domain names "Genset4home" is a good name for selling all electrical products (other than power generators) and services like installation, repair and maintainance.

Deal4you is a very brandable name that covers almost a-z of business areas. Websites related to real estate, banking, construction, materials, shipping and transportation and all business activities can use this domain name.

By J.kaushik
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