(Free Press Release) West Sussex, RH19 1HA April 18, 2012 — As one of the UKs leading independent business energy brokers and utility consultants Business Advisory Service (BAS) (http://www.businessadvisoryservice.co.uk/). Invite you to get no cost quotes and comparisons for business gas and electricity on their website.

There are so many business gas suppliers in the UK that it‘s virtually impossible for a single company to do a thorough job of comparing prices for business gas in a fluctuating, highly competitive market. Because BAS has secured more than £600 million in energy contracts, they hold a strong, neutral position within the market place to help you secure the best business gas price.

BAS can also help businesses compare business electricity rates to achieve the lowest cost. Their consultants can dissect difficult to understand business electricity bills, determine the best and lowest cost business electricity supplier and make sure that automatic renewal doesn‘t occur if prices are uncompetitive. Installing a smart AMR business electricity meter is a good place to start when it comes to reducing the overhead of business electricity because it allows for detailed analysis of energy consumption.

About Business Advisory Service Ltd
Business Advisory Service Ltd (BAS) has built up a wealth of energy negotiating and contracting experience in the National Electricity and Natural Gas Markets. BAS believes in trust, professionalism and a humanistic approach; impartiality while dealing with suppliers is fundamental to obtain the most suitable contract for BAS customers. BAS‘s Energy Consultancy is a "Free to use" service with no obligation to agree into any contracts presented. BAS‘s fees are paid by the suppliers. With over 15,000 business gas and electricity products available BAS offers much more choice than any single business gas and electricity supplier could offer you directly and for larger users and groups their products are tailored to suit the needs of your individual business and are committed to securing the most competitive energy contract available on the market for your business. Every customer has one point of contact at BAS who will assist you with all your enquiries and negotiations. Backed up by a highly experienced team of professionals BAS is dedicated to ensuring that your customer journey is a positive experience. BAS‘s complete contract management service is especially useful for businesses looking to consolidate contract end dates and serving notice to the right business gas and electricity suppliers at the right time. For more information visit http://www.businessadvisoryservice.co.uk/