BuruPay offers individuals and businesses to instantly and easily transfer the fund of customer directly to their Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, Coinbase or Paypal Account.

BuruPay was conceived with an aim to assist people from secure andfast online money transfer with an online alternative to traditional payment methods.

Any customer who has email account can Send & Receive Money through Burupay in a fast, simple payment processor gateway online(https://burupay.com/). Burupay has earned trust among merchants and consumers. By offering their financial services in more than 180 countries spread across a broad variationsof industries and businesses. This company also offers commissions if their customers refer any stranger, friends or family with the affiliate link. Customers can get extra commission on promotion of Burupay in their sponsor link.

The main motto of the company is to help customers get their money at their needed account securely and privately. It also helpsbusiness men with an option to accept payments and makepay-outs in markets whena traditional method does not work.

Zillions of customers round the globeare using their BuruPay Account to get paid and pay on thousands of web sites and send money to individuals anywhere in the world. BuruPay accept Payments Instantly as there is no paperwork, no approval process. Customers can register an account and start getting and giving payments on the website in just seconds. The Payment Notifications is instantly sent via e-mail when someone sends funds to their account. The easy funds Transfer methods are wire transfer, western union, money gram, coinbase and paypal. The Burupay to Burupay transactions are cost free and also low fees for external transfer.

To find out more about burupayvisit https://burupay.com/

About Burupay
www.BuruPay.com offers businesses and individuals with a fast, simple and secure way to transfer money online. www.BuruPay.com is operated by BuruPayâ„¢and was founded in 2016. BuruPay is Registered Georgia Republic, Tbilisi, BuruPay B.I. 01801125290 and authorized by the Financial Services Authority www.rs.ge/en/5356 under the Electronic Money Regulations to issue electronic money and payment instruments. Customers can make instant payment and they accept all online businesses.

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