Bull Horn Media Group is a startup located in Seattle, Wa, Orange County, Ca, and Los Angeles, Ca. Their motto is “Take the Web by the Horns,” and that’s exactly what they do for their clients. They are announcing the introduction of new packages designed to get clients the best ROI possible for their advertising.

SEO is an industry riddled with poor quality providers and promises that are never fulfilled. Says President Dan Rusu: Many businesses offering SEO services often use the complexity of this service to mask what they’re offering. There are many businesses offering Advanced Profile Optimization, Directory submission, and 5 backlinks per month! Well the issue is that they won’t ever get results for their clients. This has ruined the reputation of our industry and turned many away from SEO. This shouldn’t be the case! SEO if done properly is a huge resource for advertising and gets tremendous results. We have clients that rely completely upon SEO to bring in new clients and customers for their business. With our new packages we’ve designed something that will get the best results for our clients.

These new packages are designed to fit the need of any business as they range in size and number of services included. A low budget business that is simply looking to increase their rankings can purchase the low budget plan and get great results and fast rankings at the top of search engines. However a business with a larger budget and competitive market can purchase one of the larger packages which will include SEO, Social Media, Reputation, Site Design, and more. There are a vast number of options for every business.

Seattle SEO claims the goal of these new packages is to be able to service every company that is in need of a quality SEO program and provide them the best ROI possible from their campaigns.

Their packages not only include SEO they also include reputation management services setting businesses up with systems to get reviews on powerful sites like Yelp and Google Places. These are powerful services as reputation is key to growing as a business especially in our connected world today.

Another results-oriented service of theirs is designing high-converting websites for their clients so that the site gets as many inquires as possible per visitor. This is important as its useless to get visitors to your site if they don’t call you, claims Seattle Reputation Management .

Their plans for the future include broadening the services they offer and new businesses are always looking for more and more services to be done for them. The future looks bright for the team at Bull Horn Media Group.

About company:

Seattle Web Design is one of the top providers of Web marketing services including SEO, Design, and Reputation Management in the Seattle Area.

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