BST Power recently revealed that they have the largest fleet of Tier 3 EPA (C.A.R.B.) certified generators in all of Southern California. BST is known throughout the entertainment industry for providing the most environmentally friendly generators for film sets and entertainment events, but few clients know just how large the company’s fleet of EPA certified generators is. The owners of BST Power have taken great pains to assemble a large fleet so that no matter how many generators they send out to locations on a daily basis they can provide their clients with state-of-the-art generators that leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.

The generator industry has seen a significant expansion in the number of innovative and environmentally friendly products in recent years and BST Power has taken full advantage of these innovations to deliver their clients with the best product available. Their generators run on the highest grade biodiesel fuels and that means they produce lower emissions than standard fuel generators. An added benefit is that that biodiesel fuels provide additional lubrication within the generator allowing them to last longer and increasing their performance.

What BST Power is most proud of and what has gotten the attention of the industry is that the entire fleet of environmentally friendly generators meet B20 biodiesel requirements as well as meeting or exceeding all EPA (C.A.R.B.) requirements. For those in the industry who want to work in a green environment and be in full compliance of all state and federal laws and regulations, the BST Power generators offer quality service no matter where they are working to provide power. (quiet generator)

BST Power also offers a full range of cable packages and light towers. The BST Power rental equipment can found at major production sites in greater Los Angeles and can even be shipped to sites across the United States. Entertainment giants such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Studios and Sony Entertainment use BST equipment on a regular basis.

To learn more visit the BST Power website or call 818.253.7349 to speak with a company representative.

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