browardcfl in United States has launched an exclusive online service which aims to cater the citizen’s demands of getting easy access to the county’s public information. This is one initiative of Mr. Howard Forman, who is the current clerk of court. Right after Mr. Forman took over the office in November 2000, the online service for getting access to public information was initiated. Browardcfl has all the information relating to electronic court records. They cover all the details of cases like old court records, juvenile traffic, jury service information, passport information and child support information. All the cited information was stored physically in the court but now they can now be viewed in the softcopy from the internet.

With browardcfl the local government and the citizen can take full advantages of the service by logging to the official site. They make sure that public information remains available and accessible to the public and at the same time to give the exact information too. In order to get access to the site all it takes is an account with the browardcfl. Any citizen of the country can create an account for free at browardcfl and start browsing for information by sitting at home.

The visitors can also ask for personal details in the form of hardcopy and for that they have to contact the service provider personally. This can be done by paying a small fee with the help of debit card or credit card. With browardcfl the citizen of United states can get all the digitize information of the public starting from the 1970s. they have all kinds of information with all the factual record for the public to see from their internet connection. And those requiring more and detailed records of any documents and information can call up the broward clerk of courts and check up. For more information please visit


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Browardcfl is an online site that caters to public information and documents with free access. They are directly linked to the broward clerk of courts and any information relating to court records, passport information and jury service information can be derived from it.


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