Brothers face theirbullies on this weeks episode of OyeJassie


Things can never be dull in the Malhotra household. Subu is most ecstatic as he will be attending the same school as Rocky. However Rocky is concerned his “cool” image might take a beating if he is seen hanging around with Subu. He lies to his friends about being related to Subu and claims that they aren’t brothers. Subu is heartbroken when he learns this and confronts Rocky. Much toSubu’s dismay, Rocky then tells him they aren’t infact real brothers which further saddens him. To make things worse, Subu becomes the target of bullies in his school. However a regretful Rocky quickly comes to Subu’s rescue.


Meanwhile at the Malhotra household, Jassie tries to teach little Tia the value of money and the importance of being financially independent. She convinces her to start a NimbooPaani stand to collect money to replace her broken doll. Do Jassie and Tia collect enough money to buy a new doll? But more importantly, does Subu have the heart to forgive Rocky for his betrayal?



Find out on the latest episode of ‘OyeJassie!’on

Sunday, January 5, 2013 at 11 am only on Disney Channel





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