New York, United States, 08, March 2016: Mari Freaux is the city's latest DJ sensation! Born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn, she is an up-and-coming hip-hop DJ. She also infuses Trap and electronic music into her mixes.

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All about DJ Mari Freaux

Hailed as one of the hottest new DJs to come out of New York, it's no surprise that DJ Mari Freaux has a passion for music. She has fallen in love with music from an early age. These days, she is now one of the brooklyn's top female DJs.

She has worked with other DJs and teams such as DJ Rub-A-Dub, DJ Run P , SHMONG and Jay Ricks in the past. Her talent has not gone unnoticed. DJ Mari Freaux believes that music is the universal language of vibration. While her genre is hip-hop, she infuses elements of Trap and electronica into her work. The result? An amazing blend of music!

Available for new gigs

DJ Mari Freaux is ready to DJ at any new gig in New York and beyond. Her talents have gained her worldwide acclaim. It's no surprise she is fast becoming one of Brooklyn's best DJs!

As an up and coming female DJ, she aims to bring in new sounds to an otherwise male-dominated industry. DJ Mari Freaux is friendly, easy to work with and is a hard worker.

Her talents at mixing what can often get described as some of the hardest beats are second to none. From what started as a hobby, DJ Mari Freaux has evolved to a professional female DJ. Visit her website at to hear some of her past mixes.

What do her fans think?

DJ Mari Freaux has many followers on social media. This includes SoundCloud, where she hosts some of her best and most recent mixes.

From "Craving Real Easy Trap F(r)iends" to "Change Stays The Same". It's clear that she has a real DJing talent and offers something fresh and unique to the New York music scene.

She's got plenty of fans and followers not just in the city but across the world. Her mixing abilities are beyond compare, and that's quite evident in her SoundCloud tracks.

About DJ Mari Freaux

One of Brooklyn's newest female DJs. DJ Mari Freaux has a natural flair for mixing hip-hop, Trap and electronica. She has gained both an American and international following. Her mixes are some of the most shared across on the Web, and she's now available for new DJ gigs.

Her passion for music started at a young age. Today, she has evolved into a professional DJ and is well-known on the New York music scene. A friendly, hard-working individual, DJ Mari Freaux has a natural talent that is beyond compare.

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