04, March 2016: Brooke Nicole Sorenson is a new actress who is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She was born on July 13, 1999 and started her acting career with the community theater. Brooke Nicole Sorenson also did voiceover in different videos and commercials in NC, as well. Brooke Nicole Sorenson has spent two summers or eight months, in Manhattan where she studied acting, voice, and dance to improve her skills.This young actress has proved herself in different shows and programs as well. There is a complete list of the programs where Brooke Nicole Sorenson has worked and showed the world that talent has got nothing to do with the age.

Brooke Sorenson

As discussed earlier, Brooke Nicole Sorenson started her acting journey from musical theatre, voiceover, and commercials in different channels. After having some experience, unlike the other people, she did not sit back and continued the struggle. Instead, Brooke Nicole Sorenson tried her luck and did her best to some on the big screen. It was her dedication that made it possible for her to achieve the immense success at this young age. When we have a look at her career, we get to see thatback in 2003, she did 2 projects, named The Gabriel`s and Kickin' It. In the first one, Brooke Nicole Sorenson played the lead role of Anna Gabriel and it was on aired on the “TV movie”. In the second, she played the role of Heidi in the Episode: "How Bobby Got His Groove Back". Later, in 2013—2015, Brooke Nicole Sorenson performed in the 7 episodes of “Stephanie / Dr. Wrath”, as Mighty Med. Meanwhile, she also showed her talent in the 3 episodes of “The Thundermans”, where she appeared as Madison. Simultaneously, the highly skilled young actress made her appearance in the 3 episodes of “Modern Family” and played the role of Tammy LaFontaine. Brooke Nicole Sorenson is a talented and a consistent actress who is determined in her work. Therefore, she also made her appearance in one of the plays last year. The name of the play was “Austin & Ally” and the actress played the role of Violet in the Episode: "Homework & Hidden Talents". These details are enough to understand the worth of this young actress who is shining brightly in the film industry. It can be said that Brooke Nicole Sorenson is going to be the best one if she continues her struggle. In addition, Brooke Nicole Sorenson can be seen in a recent Christmas commercial of KFC that has starred SNL alum Norm MacDonald.

Brooke Nicole Sorenson is a young actress who made her first appearance on the television program in the year 2003. After that, we have a complete list of the project in which the young and talented actress proved herself. Calling Brooke Nicole Sorenson, a beauty and a rising star would not be wrong due to the way she is working.


For more details and information regarding the young actress, Brooke Nicole Sorenson, you may log on to http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3676369/ or http://www.justjaredjr.com/tags/brooke-sorenson/