The streets of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar were abuzz with the sounds of dhol‘s (drums) and cheers as Brooke Bond Sehatmand celebrated a “Sehatmand Diwas” in order to generate buzz around the issue of nutrition and vitamins. Brooke Bond Sehatmand denoted one day per town in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar as “Sehatmand Diwas”, or a Health Day, in line with the proposition of the brand.
People were taken by surprise when suddenly encountered with a fleet of Sehatmand Sainiks as they are called. These Sainiks had one intention, that of educating the masses about the benefits of Vitamins and spreading the message of health.
The nutritional evangelists, in the avatar of Sehatmand Sainiks had a focused and determined look on them like a battalion of soldiers ready to wage a war against malnutrition. As part of this innovative campaign, there were a fleet of nutrition communication vehicles along with promoters on foot. This fleet went to all the key congregation points to disseminate the messages of vitamin intake and healthy living. As part of this Sehatmand Diwas a wide array of exciting activities had been planned and the campaign rolled on with a message.
Women along with their children were seen enjoying themselves amidst the excitement created by the drummers and the Sehatmand Sena. The Sena interacted with the congregation present and also with some retailers in the vicinity. They explained the benefits of vitamins and how important it was for the woman of the house to ensure that their family and children are healthy. They were also told about the benefits of “Brooke Bond Sehatmand”- A tea with the goodness of vitamins and how a small change in a person‘s daily habit of tea drinking can ensure the family remains healthy.
After four years of extensive research, Brooke Bond Sehatmand was born using a breakthrough coating technology that ensured vitamins in every cup. Three cups of Brook Bond Sehatmand tea ensures 50% RDA of important B vitamin that helps in the proper functioning of the immune system and protects consumers from weakness and common illnesses.
People seemed to understand and appreciate the issue and offering, as the Sainiks prepared to move to another crowded residential location.

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